For each fitting, It is essential that you are prepared with your shoes and any special undergarments that you will be wearing with the dress. Please take a look at the shoe and undergarment guides below.


During the first fitting we will determine and discuss everything that needs to be done.  We will do all the pinning at this stage. At the end of this fitting, you will receive a quote on costs.  Most bridal alterations fall between $300-600.  It is difficult to give an exact quote before I see you in your dress.  


During the second fitting, we will check everything and making any necessary changes.  We will decide then if we need a third fitting or if we can just make a pick-up appointment. Bring a friend to this appointment for a bustle lesson if you can! You may pay now with check or cash.


For this last appointment,  if we feel is is necessary, we can do one last try-on. If not, you will pick- up your gown and be one step closer to your wedding day!  If you are just planning on picking up, without a try-on, and you cannot make it to the appointment, feel free to send a friend to pick it up for you.




Before you begin...You may need help getting the tape on because you really need three hands. You can be the one to hold up your breast and the other person to apply the tape. You will be creating the cup of a bra right on your skin with the tape.

VERY IMPORTANT- This tape will become a part of your skin after wearing for an extended period of time. DO NOT rip it off after.  To remove, loosen with oil, such as coconut or baby oil, anything you would use on your skin. Gently and patiently remove.


Using Kinesiology tape, which can be purchased from most pharmacies or online, cut strips 2 sets of three strips of approximately 6", 5",and 4".

Step 1

Start with securing the longest strip of tape in the center front. Gently stretch the tape as you go curving like an underwire following along the crease.  

Step 3

Using the 2nd piece of tape, echo the first curve. Overlapping the edge by about a 1/4 of an inch.

Step 4

The third piece goes over the nipple, stretch it from both sides and place it on, controlling the shape. 

Step 2

Press using the back of the hand as you go.  Stop at the underarm, right where a regular wire would sit.                      

Step 3 continued

This piece usually covers to just under the nipple.  At this point it should look something like this.

Step 5

Repeat on other side.


OH NO! My shoes have not arrived yet!   Not to worry-Please bring shoes of equivalent height.